Airline company to introduce tablet terminal to meet Deaf needs

May 25, 2016

All Nippon Airways (ANA) demonstrated the tablet end (iPad) used for a customer at onboard and the airport on May 25 (photo). 

The device will use five languages, such as English and Chinese, and audio guidance as well as information access for a Deaf/deaf passenger.

A new app will be installed in the tablet end which loans to about 7500 flight attendants in June. Also 1500 tablets used by the ground staffs at airport counters and others use will have a new app.

It relates to many scenes assumed at onboard and the airport. For example when a passenger chooses request at an end, the explanation of onboard equipment and service is indicated. For the Deaf/deaf passenger who don't get the announcement of  the unplanned situation, such as change in the arrival place, feel anxiously, the screen of the tablet end that explains was also prepared newly.

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