Scope with caption provided for deaf visitors at old navy place

April 14, 2016
Saga Prefecture and Saga City prepared scope newly with the caption for Deaf/deaf people to show one of composition property, "the remains of Mietsu Navy Base," one of the Industrial Revolution Legacy in Meiji Japan" (the 1860's) as world-class cultural property. 

About ten Deaf/deaf people were invited to experience the new scope with caption there on April 13.

To stop degradation of the remains of the navy place, they were covered in the ground and it is known as "the world's cultural and natural heritage which is invisible". That is why the scope for a visitor is offered at a specific place. Through the scope you can see image picture in former navy place reproduced by computer graphics, with audio information.

Both the prefecture and the city provided scope with caption this time in response to the request from the Deaf community.

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