Marks related to disabilities ask for reasonable accommodation

There are a lot of marks indicating the owner with disability (photo), but it doesn't seem that the correct meaning of each mark is well known.

The Law on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities went into effect this April. The law is asking public facilities and private enterprises for "reasonable accommodation" to meet the needs of the person with disabilities. It's first of all necessary to know what each mark means.

 A disability-concerned group, Government and an autonomous body are making a mark for a person with disabilities. A person concerned can put it on and ask other person around for reasonable accommodation. Also a hospital and an autonomous body display the mark in reception and provide reasonable accommodation according to the disability.

If you don't know the disability mark such as the four-leaved clover sign for the "driver with disabilities" or the butterfly sign for "Deaf/deaf driver," (two marks from the figure bottom) you ignore their needs, making pulling and interrupting a car with the mark on, which leads to a violation of the Road Traffic Law, 

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