Deaf student challenges rugby at Waseda University

A Deaf student joined a rugby club at Waseda University in Tokyo, one of the most distinguished teams in the Kanto area university rugby match. He is FL Kishino Kaede (photo), 18, from the Gifu School for the Deaf located in western Japan.

It is the first time to welcome a Deaf teammate at Waseda University which takes pride in history of foundation for 98 years.  

Kishino has determined to wear traditional red black jersey. "I will get over my handicap and challenge getting a regular post.

He and 26 rookies have finished new face practice in the beginning of April. He has always kept himself in a top group running practice.  "It is important for me to stand on the starting line, doing my best now."

Yamashita Daigo, 35, the director who acceded this season, doesn't give any special treatment for Kishino, but he said that he felt Kishino's strong resolution."

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