Deaf persons enjoy classic performance with wearable captioning glasses

March 19, 2016  17:17

The Noh (classical Japanese play) and the 'Kyogen' (traditional comedy), which the latest wearable end with caption on the lens of glasses was introduced, were performed in Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture next to Tokyo for the purpose of offering the opportunity to the Deaf/deaf viewers enjoy a classic art, too.

The Yokohama Noh Teather held the traditional performance. An wearable terminal for the glasses type was lent out to a Deaf/deaf person.

With the this terminal, the lines of a performer are captioned on the part of the lens, following the performance on the stage.

The Deaf man who used a terminal commented, "It was new and very good that the performer's movement with captions can be seen at the same time. I hope this system will spread at the various places from now on."

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