Deaf kick boxer comments on reason for his fight

March 30, 2016

A hard of hearing kick boxer will fight for the reservation match of the tournament called the "K-1 World GP 2016 in Japan- -60kg Japanese delegate selection tournament" which is planning to be held at the National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium in Tokyo on Sunday, April 24.

This time is the first entry for Gosyu Masanobu who belongs to K-1 Gym Head Office Pegasus Team. 

He made a comment:
"K-1 gave me a chance that I became interested in martial arts and also took martial arts seriously. I am really so excited to participate in K-1 this way." 

He explained the reason why he will play kickboxing for the event: "I had thought, 'Whatever I did, I felt it meaningless because I was unable to hear', but I realized later I had wasted time. So I'd like to show what I can do in spite of deafness."

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