City holds sign language class, part of welfare promotion projec

April 12, 2016
The assembly members learn 
how to sign a greeting 

The 2016 Welfare Promotion Project that Tomakomai-shi located in Japan's northern island develops in fiscal year 2016 has started. 

The city is aiming at establishment of the sign language regulation which promotes the environmental development for sign language and understanding of the Deaf community according to the project.

The sign language workshop as the start was held at the city office on April 11, and 20 assembly members experienced sign language. They learned how to sign the respective words such as "welfare," "assembly," "councilor," in order to perform a self-introduction.

One of the assembly members who participated commented,  "I felt like learning foreign language and indeed learned very much. I hope to convey the gentleness of the heart through sign language."

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