Sight-impaired and Deaf persons help one another at workplace

March 18, 2016
(from the left)
Yoshida, Takashima and Sakurai  

A Deaf woman and two women with visual impairment help one another at the same workplace, making up with work.

Sakurai Ayumi, 50, Takashima Michiko, 44, and Yoshida Kiyoe, 45, have been employed by "Toyomichi Office Service", the special case subsidiary company of Toyota Tsusho in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture.

Sakurai is born Deaf, and Takashima and Yoshida are visually impaired who lose sight after the age of 20 because of illness. Sakurai was taught in oral education since aged two, which explains she is able to communicate with them. 

The three people have started to support one another in 2006 when "Toyomichi Office Service" was established to promote the employment of persons with disabilities. 

Currently out of 88 employees, 37 are persons with disabilities. Sakurai takes charge of shipping off work of a payroll sheet; doing a massage for the workers is main business for Takashima and Yoshida who both are a certified instructor of massage and acupuncture.

A bond deepened among the three people has affected their colleagues, too. 

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