Last visit to the grave of educator before grave moved

A pupil puts a hand together 
in front of the grave of Endo.
January 23, 2016

Endo Tadasu (1853-1945) was called "the Father of Education in Tottori-ken". He founded a school for the visually impaired and a school for the Deaf in the prefecture, part of western Japan.

A festival which bears virtue of the departed Endo took place at a family temple in Tottori-shi on January 22.

The persons concerned of both the schools has held an anniversary service for Endo. As the family of the deceased plans to move the grave out the prefecture, this year was last for a visit to the grave.

Endo established the first public Tottori higher elementary school in the prefecture in 1885 and founded a private Tottori Library. He also opened a private Tottori school for the Blind and Deaf (the present Tottori School for the visually impaired and School for the Deaf) in 1910. He even endeavored these schools to become public.

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