Deaf High school student practises diving

March 18, 2016

Mori Shota (photo), a high school junior, has attended the Saga Prefecture School for the Deaf through from a kindergarten program in the Prefecture located in Japan's southern island. 

He once hoped to enter a hearing high school, but was told to continue going to the School for the Deaf when he was a eighth grader. In winter when he was in the ninth grade he became interested in diving.

Haraguchi Shinya, 35, a teacher of the Deaf, leads the Saga Diving Club. The club practiced at the gymnasium at school, which interested Mori. Though he didn't know diving, he became a club member in April, 2015.

Mori participated in the regular season game for the first time  in July, 2015, but the result was the lowest rank. He has hard training six days a week, for a winter period the land training to be continued in order to compete at the interscholastic athletic meet as his goal.

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