Hearing art teacher at Deaf school in Thailand

Takaishi Junichi  (center) teaches 
Deaf students fine arts.
December 30, 2015  

Takaishi Junichi, 61, a former teacher of fine arts, has been assigned to the Setsatian School for the Deaf located in metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand as a member of an overseas volunteer senior of Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA) since almost half year ago.

Takaishi, a native from Fukuoka-shi in southern Japan, was a design teacher. He retired at the age of 60, two years earlier before a retiring age. It's because he had the goal already that he wanted to challenge overseas.

After passing the test for a "volunteer senior" last summer and learning Thai language at the JICA training center, he moved to Thailand in March, 2015.

Takaishi teaches about ten high school students fine arts at the school. He is learning Thai sign language, and sometimes he uses gestures to help communication better. He says he feels the joy and responsible to teach them every day once more.

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