Fund-raising underway for construction of Deaf senior home

People concerned appeal fund-raising 
in front of Wakayama Station.

December 21, 2015  

Wakayama-shi, Wakayama:

The Prefecture Federation of the Deaf and concerned groups, aiming at construction of a home for the Deaf aged for the first time in the prefecture, did a fund-raising campaign of a building cost in front of JR Wakayama Station in Wakayama-shi, western Japan on December 19.

There are nine homes for the Deaf aged across the country according to the federation. However, as there is no such a facility in the prefecture. The aged residents who are Deaf have to enter a home for the hearing aged. There are some problems such as the visual equipment for the Deaf, accessibility in signed communication, etc., and a home for the Deaf aged has been requested.

A home for the Deaf senior will open in the city in autumn in 2017.

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