Deafblind man takes lead in social involvement

Kadogawa Shinichiro (right) attended the disabilities 
policy conference of the Cabinet Office with 
interpretation through a finger braille.
December 31, 2015

Kadogawa Shinichiro has taken the lead personally in order to advance a social involvement of a Deafblind person, such as attending a committee of UN Person with Disabilities Right Treaty, visiting foreign countries more than 20 times. 

His activity at the inside and outside of the country was estimated and was honored with the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare testimonial commending in December.

Kadogawa was born with amblyopia and became Deaf at the age of four. When he was a high school senior at a school for the visually impaired, he met Dr. Fukushima Satoru, 53, the University of Tokyo professor who was the Japan's first Deafblind college student and learned about the "finger braille" that Fukushima spread. Kadokawa finally found to enjoy the conversation through the method for the first time.

He went to a university following Fukushima, and even went to USA and studied social rehabilitation training. He didn't go about getting a job. Instead he believed that a Deafblind person like himself has to do something for the Deafblind community, starting a vocational rehabilitation center for the Deafblind in Osaka-shi in 1999. 

As the chief director, Kadokawa leads about 20 Deafblind persons aiming at starting working currently.

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