Subway drivers try to promote barrier free environment for the Deaf

The Mole Team explains the careful points when 
taking the subway, to Deaf children and students.
December 12, 2015  

Osaka-shi, Osaka:

The volunteer group of subway drivers called "The Mole Team" in Osaka-shi holds a monthly meeting to study how to make the subway barrier free in cooperattion with the nonprofit organization incorporated, "Deaf Support Osaka."

The team is trying to improve the current situation from a site, such as making the video which introduces a station name by sign language with the Deaf, asking for opinion from the Deaf community and proposing a measure for change. 

For example there is a communication board that can communicate smoothly with a Deaf passenger through pointing the "letter and/or picture" even if a word isn't understood. The board has been put at subway each station, but it found out that such an accommodation was unknown to the Deaf. The team asked the Bureau for improvement, and the communication board was just put at the place at all stations which everyone can notice.

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