Issue on interpreting in broadcast for national election

November 30, 2015

The only constituency election of an Upper House Election, one of the national elections, doesn't allowed interpreting for an election broadcast. Because there are not enough interpreters in local areas, it may imply that equity of election can't be kept as long as there are local areas which can't reserve interpreters enough.

In particular in Kyushu and Okinawa, there are not so many interpreters that the Deaf community are worried about "an information gap." 

They have decided by making reference to an election bulletin and a newspaper article up to now, but can't get information from the election broadcast without interpreting.

The high skill is asked for an interpreter in an election broadcast with a lot of difficult terminology. Therefore those who have taken the course offered by national groups of interpreters work on the election broadcast generally. Out of about 3,300 certified interpreters in the whole country, only about 1,300, less than 40%, took the course as of May, 2015. 

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