Deaf medical student aiming at becoming doctor

Hattori Norishige
a deaf medical student

November 3, 2015

Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka:

Hattori Norishige, aged 22, who aims at becoming an
otolaryngologist, is a deaf student in Hamamatsu University School of Medicine in Hamamatsu-shi, eastern Japan. His dream is to support deaf person's health and mentality.

He, a medical school senior, wears a hearing aid in both ears since he was born because of hard of hearing. He understands what is told from lipreading, too. He concentrates on slides and material in the lecture, and when having a doubt, turns over a reference book.

He had the time when he felt despaired because of deafness in once in his life, but overcame it after encouraged by his former teachers. They told him, "There must be something only you can do. Change your disability to your power".

Hattori went to USA in May and participated in the health care worker's meeting. Not only doctors who were hard of hearing, but also specialists in law, sign language and technology gathered as well. Hattori was surprised at the size of the medical professionals, and then he wanted also to develop a Japanese system better".

There is a national group in Japan consisted of about 70 hard of hearing professionals in the filed of medicine, including 29 doctors, two dental doctors, and pharmacists, nurses and others. This group is independent allowing free admission according to the secretariat, so health care workers who are deaf should be a lot more. 

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