Deaf and hearing mothers enjoy gathering in local area

December 9, 2015  

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa:

A monthly gathering by mothers, both Deaf and hearing, is held at a cafe in Yokohama-shi, next to Tokyo. Matsumoto Mari, 34, a Deaf mother with three hearing sons aged from two to five, started this project, which has popular currently.

She explained, "Regardless of disability I wanted to make the place where I feel easy, communicate and get in touch with other people in the area." 

Matsumoto has felt difficulty and irritation because of deafness through child rearing. She started a place for gathering in the cafe where she used to work as a staff, in September, 2014.

At the gathering, the participants, both Deaf and hearing, communicate through lipreading or mouthing as well sign language.

A Deaf mother says, "When coming to gather round, I can enjoy myself without hesitation." A hearing mother says, "I didn't know how to communicate with a Deaf mother first, and I am feeling easy after we became friends in spite of disability. "

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