Calendar promotes social awareness of sign language

With the calendar in the hand, Nakashima speaks, 
"I want people to have an interest in sign language."

December 17, 2015

Akita-shi, Akita:

Nakashima Netsuke, 40, a housewife in Akita-shi, northeastern Japan, has a Deaf daughter and communicates with her in sign language. 

Nakashima made a calendar for the year 2016 with an illustration of sign language.

About 600 copies of calendar will be put up in hospitals and public facilities in the city. Nakashima says, "I'd like to make sure that people think sign language is proper in the society."

Nakashima established a general social organization incorporated, The "Sign Language Akita Spread Center" in August, 2015 with her husband. The first activity project was calendar making. It is because a calendar is practical and it's possible to enjoy sign language through the year.

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