Store managers help Deaf/deaf shoppers by means of writing

October 5, 2015

Arakawa-ku, Tokyo:

Conversation with a shop assistant who has rich knowledge of goods is one of the pleasure for the shoppers, but not for Deaf/deaf shoppers.

The shop managers all in the shopping area at Minami-senju in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo started to serve those persons with hearing loss by means of writing in September. 

The bulletin board that shows a communication access by writing stands in a storefront in order to appeal to a Deaf/deaf shopper to visit casually.

At the desk in the store there is the board with a sentence written "We are available for written communication." It has a mark called the "Ear Mark" which All Japan Association for Hard of Hearing People located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo has appealed the spread. The badge with the same mark can help the user who needs help at once. 

The Ear Mark is put up nationwide at present according to the Association, such as a hospital, a bank and public facilities, and others. It is unusual for the whole shopping area to use it.

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