Starter application used to support better practice environment for Deaf students in track and field

September 24, 2015  

KDDI offered a testing session for 11 students from the track and field club of Central School for the Deaf in Tokyo with the use of the new starter application developed by KDDI, for three days on September 19, September 20 and September 23, aiming at improvement of the practice environment.

The starter application shows a sign at flash light instead of pistol sound at the starting line. It is downloaded in the smart phone which is put under the athlete and tells him a sign of a start on the screen while facing to the bottom like a hearing athlete does (picture).

Start method by a sign of light has been accepted by International Amateur Athletic Federation. However, because only one pilot model exits in Japan which is a problem for practice, KDDI came to development of a starter application.

KDDI is planning to deliver the starter application in App Store.

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