Speech-text communication system introduced for more communication accessibility

September 29, 2015

Tottori-shi, Tottori:
Governor Hirai tries "the speech-text system."

The Tottori Prefecture Office located in Tottori-shi introduced "the speech-text communication system" into the tablet terminal already installed at total of nine places, including the prefectural office, the main JR stations and the bus terminal, in September in order to support more communication access for Deaf/deaf persons.

Because Deaf/deaf persons can tell what they want more smoothly than by means of writing, officials of the disability welfare department expects that the speech-text communication system will be related to the "symbiosis of a Deaf/deaf person and a hearing person put up in the Sign Language Regulation.

The video remote interpreting service has been begun ahead of any prefecture in Japan as an autonomous body in December, 2013, but the service is used about several times a month.


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