Popular cooking class through sign language 

October 17, 2015  
Ogata explains how to make 
pizza by sign language.

Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo:

The cooking class that a Deaf lecturer teaches by sign language is opened in Tokyo. It is carried out by two women;  Ogata Miwa, 44, the Deaf woman licensed as a cook  and Tanaka Hiroko, 42, the French lecturer who volunteers to teach sign language.

They achieved to start a cooking class after eight years, because they believed; 
"Even if interpreting provided in an ordinary cooking class, it isn't possible for a Deaf student to see  both an interpreter and a lecturer at the same time, so a Deaf person is left out."

The cooking class called "The Rainbow" was opened in Bunkyo-ku in August. It was the second time since June, this year. The Deaf woman who participated in the class said, "The lecturer used sign language, so, I understood how to make immediately."

Ogata lost hearing by an unknown cause suddenly when she was a high school student. Her dream was to become a cook or a dietitian, but was not allowed to enter a college. She was an office worker after graduating from high school. Yet she entered other college with a note taker in 2008. One year and a half later she finally was qualified to be a licensed cook.

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