Deaf man makes best to appeal he is Deaf while running

October 15, 2015
(top) Kurokawa checks a course for Kanazawa marathon.
(bottom) The best that he made personally (the back with 
a letter "Deaf" is shown)

The Deaf office worker Kurosawa Taiki, 26, who lives in Osaka, will participate in the Kanazawa marathon which will be held on November 15 in northeastern Japan.

He has enjoyed a marathon since twenty years old, experiencing the sport twenty-three times so far from 2009.

Kurosawa had the experience that he was knocked down in the side by the runner who accompanied a runner with visually impairment from behind suddenly at the Hokkaido marathon at Sapporo-shi, northern Japan in August, 2014. 

So Kurosawa made a best with a word "Deaf" on the back at his own cost, wishing the environment that everyone can run comfortably through Kanazawa in autumn.

There is a national sports event that a person with disabilities puts on the special best according to a specialist, but it is unusual that the Deaf person wears a best. There are a person who want to show that he has a disability meanwhile a person who doesn't want to, too, so wearing a special best is optional, but it may be certainly the effective means.

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