Coda group in Japan held meeting

October 8, 2015  

The codas attending a regular meeting.

About 90 percent of the child born to Deaf parents are hearing, called Coda, Children of Deaf Adults. 

At the middle of September, a meeting of the coda group called "J-CODA" was held in Tokyo. Codas who were an adult had a meeting for the first time in 1994, and "J-CODA" was formed in 1996.

The investigation by the University of Tokyo Barrier Free Support Office targeted at about 100 codas aged 13 and older found that a peculiar parent-child relationship stood out, such like 72% had the feeling that they must protect their parents since a small child; 61% believed they would not let people around do something disrespectful to their parents, etc.  Related studies also showed that as Coda grew they tend to have a complicated feeling toward their parents.

"J-CODA" is putting the effort into an exchange among the members. Murashita Yoshihide, 37, the leader, spoke, "As long as we are Coda, we can make a laugh of every kind of experience, and share an understanding with one another."

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