City issues help card to support Deaf community 

October 7, 2015  
The new help card distributed

Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi:

Utsunomiya-shi in Tochigi Prefecture next to Tokyo has begun the issue of "help card" on which the feature of the disabilities in order for the persons with disabilities to get necessary support during being outside. 

The city office is distributing the applicant who visits a desk, including students of special support schools in sequence.

The card shows the feature of disabilities in addition to the home address for urgent contact, the family clinic and kind of necessary support, etc. When spoken communication is difficult for the Deaf, they can show the card to get the necessary support.

The city planned a card for the first time in the prefecture ahead of the Disabilities Discrimination Law that will be effective in April, 2016. The design of the cross and the heart is drawn in a red background on the surface. To raise the public awareness, it was unified with the design adopted in Tokyo and Tokushima-shi, etc.

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