Cartoon book distributed to learn more about hearing dog

October 2, 2015
Andoh Miki with the cartoon book.

Osaka-shi, Osaka:

Andoh Miki, 46, a Deaf-born woman living in Osaka, has been the user of the hearing dog, Leon, that once used to be a throwing away dog since March, 2010.

There are only 60 hearing dogs in Japan, and there is still also a lot of misunderstanding about the hearing dog. 

When Andoh and Leon take a train, someone offers a seat; when she is shopping with Leon at a supermarket, a shop assistant approaches and offers help. These cases may show misunderstanding about a hearing dog and its user.

Andoh, a leader of the non-profit organization corporation MAMIE who manages a painting classroom, has begun to distribute a four-frame cartoon book about Leon since August (

She speaks, "I want people to know Leon is enjoying himself every day."

Japanese source:

Video: What is a hearing dog? (English caption):

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