Survey planned on actual situation of Deafblind for support

September 3, 2015
Coordinater, who explains how to support 
to a Deafblind woman says, "I hope that 
the society where Deafblind persons 
can live independently comes true."


Totteri Prefecture Office in western Japan, advancing support of Deafblind persons in the prefecture, is unable to grasp about them. The office arranges a support coordinator and makes an effort toward the whole grasp and an actual condition survey this year.

There are Deafblind persons who lack a communication skill don't get welfare support, and live on the world filled with silence and darkness.

Officials in the prefecture disability welfare department say,
"We would like to increase something more for the Deafblind to do with our appropriate professional support." 

According to the National Deafblind Group based in Tokyo, there are about 70 Deafblind persons in the prefecture.

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