Support appropriate to Deaf community at the time of disaster

September 18, 2015

 "Shelter picture card" (left) and member's purple jacket (right) (image:

Toyohashi-shi, Aichi:

Toyohashi-shi in western Japan has 880 members of the Deaf community as of April, 2015.

To plan for appropriate support to them in the time of disaster, the volunteer group called Toyohashi Interpreting Group researched the living circumstances of the Deaf community and their family structure, and studied the protection against disasters environment.

The group has donated the "shelter picture card" and "communication board" to the first designation shelters in the city in August last year in order for the Deaf resident to understand directions in a shelter and communicate with people concerned better. The group also plans to contribute the card and the board to other 99 second designation shelters in the current year.

The member's purple jacket unified that shows the wearer is an interpreter was produced in summer this year.

A part of the arranged support system, the Group also has a training program for interpreters in attempt to increase the number of interpreters who support the Deaf community. 

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