Subtitles and sound for Deaf person to enjoy movie

A Deaf viewer uses both the head mount 
display and smart phone to see subtitles 
in movie at the same time.
September 1, 2015  

Tokyo and Saitama:

The Japan Motion Picture Producers Association made with major filmmakers and 4 distribution firms begins the project which shows scenic explanation and spoken words by subtitles and sound so that a Deaf/deaf person can appreciate the movie with a general viewer in a theater.

This move responds to the disability discrimination law that will be enforced in April, 2016. Three movie theaters in Tokyo and Saitama next to Tokyo will show six Japanese movies experimentally from September through November.

To see subtitles, a device will be used, combined with the head mount display (HMD) that looks like glasses and the application for smart phone which lets subtitles of words run following the sound of a movie "UDCast" at the same time.

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