National rally for sign language law establishment held in Tokyo

August 29, 2015  
The participants demonstrate in a march 
asking for sign language law establishment.


The national rally for realization of sign language law establishment took place in the central part of Tokyo on August 28. 

Governor Hirai Shinji of Tottori Prefecture, where the first sign language regulation was established in the whole country, explained the spread situation of the sign language in the prefecture, emphasizing, "We will work harder for sign language law establishment. Let's us start a sign language revolution."

Deaf persons and supporters demonstrated around the Diet in Kasumigaseki, and other places in central Tokyo. This rally was organized by Japanese Federation of the Deaf, who announced about one thousand people participated in the march.

Deaf persons, putting up the large-sized fans on which slogans, such as "Establish Sign Language Law Now," etc. were written, appealed to the Government of necessity of legal establishment of sign language.

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