National Athletic Conference of the Deaf opens in Kyoto

September 18, 2015

The 49th National Athletic Conference of the Deaf is held at 14 places in total of seven towns and  one city. Holding the sports event is the second time in 39 years.

After the opening ceremony in Kyoto-shi on September 18, there will be a game on a couple of days, September 19-20.

About 1,500 players compete in ten items of the game: track and field, rubber-ball baseball, table tennis, volleyball, soccer, tennis, bowling, softball, badminton and basketball.

About 900  volunteers, staff, and interpreters support the Deaf athletes. Some accommodations are provided. For example, a start is made by a sign of lighting up of a lamp instead of a signal gun for the short distance running. A referee puts on yellow gloves during a basketball game, giving a signal by a flag to make sure that the player will recognize it visually at once.

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