Junior college to make sign language course with credit next year

September 3, 2015
The students learn sign language from 
a Deaf lecturer (front left) for the national 
Deaf seniors meeting.

Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido:

Both the towns, Shintoku and Shikaoi, in Hokkaido, northern island of Japan, have established a sign language regulation already. There is a movement in which sign language is being placed as a language in Obihiro-shi also, aiming at regulation establishment.

Obihiro Otani Junior College takes this flow, planning to contribute in its area, developing the policy which works on sign language education as a whole. The college first offered a sign language course freely for the latter term on September 28. The course with a credit will be offered as a general liberal art from April, 2016.

Fourteen students, taking a free sign language course, will participate as a volunteer in the 27th National Deaf Seniors Conference in Obihiro from September 4.

About 500 Deaf seniors and others participate in the conference, mingling with one another for three days until September 6, through a program such as a lecture, sport, etc., for their social status advancement.

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