Japanese Language drill to help Deaf pupils understand clearly

September 5, 2015  
A page on the particle in the Japanese Language drill 

Deaf teachers made a drill to teach Deaf pupils Japanese Language. In the drill, a boy and a girl are learning the language while a cat guides them. An illustration is used to explain how to use the particle clearly for example where a Deaf person often fail easily.

Soon after the drill was published in August, about 2,000 orders came from schools across the whole country as  reputed to be excellent.

Maeda Hiroshi, 62, a Deaf teacher of Osaka Municipal Auditory Special Support School proposed to make a Japanese drill for the Deaf pupils. 

He says, "Deaf people often have trouble with how to use the particle and use of a verb correctly, because it is difficult for them to hear as sound and remember it right repeatedly." 

There was also a Japanese textbook that the government edited for schools for the Deaf, yet Deaf children have a weak point in Japanese, too, so Maeda felt this textbook doesn't match their needs.

He started editing the drill in 2013, getting cooperation from four teachers including three Deaf teachers. They completed the edition work finally after one year and a half.

Maeda says about the Japanese Language drill for the Deaf children, "I think it can also be used for foreigners learning Japanese and a child with intellectual disabilities."


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