E-mail system in elevators tested in case of emergency

 September 17, 2015  
(image: http://www.townnews.co.jp)

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa:

There are 106 elevators which Yokohama-shi Road Bureau manages in Kanagawa-ku. Out of them fourteen elevators in seven places that a lot of people use started checking communication with a Deaf/deaf client in case of emergency on September 15, until March next year.

In response to a Deaf citizen's request, the Bureau checks whether it's possible for a Deaf/deaf person to make a contact with a watch room using the e-mail function of the cellular phone when an elevator stops suddenly.

There are 8,452 persons with hearing impairments and others in the city, and 509 out of them are living in Kanagawa-ku.

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