Deafblind drummer to play in Osaka

September 26, 2015            
Ajiki plays a drum while having a lecturer 
hit his shoulder for taking rhythm.

Matsue-shi, Tottori:

A Deafblind drummer Ajiki Toshiyuki, 53,  a Matsue-shi resident, will take part in a performance in Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi on November 3.

He has mastered how to take rhythm by original lesson and intensive training and has shown his performance in the Western part of Japan as the only Deafblind drummer in Japan. A performance in Osaka is for the first time for Ajiki. He said eagerly that he would like to tell when you make an effort, it certainly is possible."

When he was a schoolboy, Ajiki became so sick that he lost hearing. After attending Matsue School for the Deaf in Matsue-shi and graduating, he got a job in a local welfare factory. When about 20 years old, he was difficult to see this time, and diagnosed as amblyopia. Ajiki communicates by tentacle fingerspelling currently.

Music was helpful for him after he learned how to play a drum in May, 2007. When the Shimane Deafblind Friendships Society of which he is a member held a performance at an exchange event of the persons with disabilities in Middle  Shikoku-district in November, 2008, Ajiki decided to challenge then. He chose drumming because rhythm was easy to follow, and when playing a drum, he gets the exhilarating feeling which blows off a stress and worries.

During playing, a musical lecturer stands behind Ajiki, and hits his shoulder to tell how to take it the time, but anything else it is no different from an ordinary drummer. Officials of Japan Deafblind Association located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo is surprised, "We never heard of any Deafblind drummer!"


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