Deaf men's volleyball team to reinforcement training camp

September 20, 2015  


The Summer Deaflympics will be held in Turkey in 2017. A national men's volleyball team will work on a reinforcement training camp at towns in Kagawa Prefecture, part of western Japan for three days from September 21. They will play a practice game with a high school volleyball club. Also the practice will be opened to the public for Deaf sports awareness.

The coat size and the play form, etc. of Deaf volleyball are the same as a rule of general volleyball. The national men team won the 5th place at the 2009 Taiwan Deaflympics.

In addition to the reinforcement training for the Deaflympics, 
the team organization for the World Championships in 2016 is the purpose for the training camp. The camp in the prefecture will be the second time, participated by 11 players and about 20 staff.

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