Colleges/universities to advance policy following disabilities discrimination law

September 4, 2015  


The Disabilities Discrimination Law, which prohibits the discrimination of a person with disability and requires to provide "reasonable accommodations," will be effective in April, 2016. A national/public university will be imposed on obligation, and effort obligation will be on a private university also. While accommodations are carried out nationwide, colleges/universities in Okinawa Prefecture are also getting active.

Here are examples of the movement:
University of the Ryukyus established the support office with  the vice president as its director in June. Thirteen staffs, including teachers from all the departments and others, are doing a management meeting to form the "in-depth policy."

Meio University established a disability support rule in June. Following the rule, a committee of over ten people including the president will take place before April, 2016. The university has also accepted students with disabilities and supported them getting a job and studying abroad so far.

Okinawa University arranges three disability support coordinators, establishes the system that students and staffs support a Deaf/deaf student with note taking and interpreting, and develops the advanced system in the whole country. A guideline is made to stipulate the present system according to the Disability Discrimination Law.

Even without advance of the said law in particular, a lot of other colleges/universities have accepted students with disabilities independently so far. For example, Okinawa International University has a professional support staff in the welfare volunteer support office to manage a note taking service by student volunteers.

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