Yamamori Yusuke chosen to national team for Deaf Futsal World Cup 

August 2, 2015

Echizen city, Fukui-ken:

Yamamori Yusuke, 22, was chosen for the first time to the Japan team for the Deaf Futsal World Cup this June, which will be held in Thailand in November. He said enthusiastically, "I have been eager to play, so I'm very happy. I will work by full strength and would like to aim at best in the world."

Soon after he was born, he lost hearing and since then he used hearing aids. He belonged to a soccer club since a third grader through high school.

When he was a freshman at Waseda University in Tokyo, he joined the "Tokyo Deaf Futsal Club" after a friend in a sign language club introduced.

Yamamoto explained, "The Deaf Futsal was different in a sense from my experience with soccer." All the players frequently shook their heads for check around and got an eye contact. "I felt comfortable that the players share the same image and link a pass to make a score."

During the winter holidays of his second year at the university, Yamamoto joined a Japanese team candidate training camp for the first time. He competed keenly with the players who gathered from the whole country. 

Yamamoto chose the Echizen city office after graduation this April, because the workplace showed understanding of him as an activity player.

Currently Yamamoto makes up with trunk training and practices with a home team twice a week, preparing for the Asian Pacific Meet in Taiwan in October as well as the World Cup in which 16 countries will participate.

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