"Station name board" unveiled at old railroad site

August 21, 2015  
Station name board in old Minato Station unveiled.

Okayama-shi, Okayama:

To tell history of the Sanban Light Railroad which used to run in Okayama-shi, part of western Japan, during 1910's-1930’s, Sanban Railroad Research Group commissioned to manufacture a station name board.

High school students of Okayama School for the Deaf in the city completed making the board that would stand in a place where Minato Station used to exist.

An unveiling ceremony was held at the old station on August 21. One of the seniors involved in making the board said, "I would be happy if this station name board will make people look back to the history of our hometown."

Station name board making is one of the Railroad's 100th anniversary projects.

Japanese source:

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