"Pre-Japan Deaf Exhibition" to be held in Tokyo

August 6, 2015  
A large-size motorcycle and an outdoor 
activity are Kadokura Yuriko's hobby.

Machida-shi, Tokyo:

Kadokura Yuriko, a Deaf resident of Machida-shi, is active in the realization of "Japan Deaf Exhibition" where Deaf people and their friends/supporters in the whole country gather.

She serves as an eastern Japan representative and a secretary-general of "Silent Japan" group, which actively connects and forms "Deaf world" through sports, culture, etc. in order to carry bridging with society.

The exhibition being planned is the general event that shows "Deaf Power," the Deaf persons playing an active part by taking place in the world, and introduces related groups as well as Deaf history in order to encourage a lot of people.

Prior to this event scheduled for 2016, "Pre-Japan Deaf Exhibition" will be held at Tokyo-to National Olympic Memorial Youth Center from 10:00am on Saturday, August 22, 2015.

At the event, activities and projects will be appealed through video on Deaf history as well as a fashion show, dances, performances, plays, etc.

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