Play based on challenge of Deaf baseball team in Okinawa to perform again 

August 16, 2015  
The troupers, who have learned sign language and 
baseball intensively, apply themselves to a practice.

Yao-shi, Osaka:

Based on the real story, the play "Far Koshien" by Kansai Geijutsuza Theater about Deaf students who made a baseball club with their ardent interest will be shown for the first time in 11 years on August 26-28 in Yao-shi.

In Okinawa under control of the U.S. forces located in Japan's southern island, pregnant women were contracted the German measles epidemic from autumn in 1964 to next spring. As a result, about 500 babies were born Deaf.

For education of these children, Okinawa Prefecture government established a school for the Deaf in 1978. The students who loved baseball advanced towards a high school in April, 1981 appealed that they wanted to have a baseball club.

However, they were impossible to hear the tone of the batted ball, and baseball using a hard ball involved danger of an injury. The Japanese Student Baseball Charter didn't admit the Deaf students to join the Japan High School Baseball Federation, and so they were unable to play a practice game.

Yet the Deaf students cooperated with their teammates, getting over a high wall of Japan High School Baseball Federation to join. Their struggle aroused sympathy with an impression in the whole country. It happens the national high school baseball championship "Koshien" hits the 100th anniversary this summer.

The play, based on a real story of the Deaf students' struggles and efforts supported by the family and people concerned, will draw a tear and a laugh. The actors will act with sign language, and subtitles to be shown also.

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