Mt. Ontake: Deaf man found in corpse near the mountain top  July 31, 2015

August 2015

Search party looks for missing persons 
near the top of Mt. Ontake

Missing person's search was resumed nine months later in the morning on July 29 at Mt. Ontake, which was eruptive and became the worst volcanic disaster after the war with 57 dead people and six missing persons in September, 2014. The 3,067 meter-high mountain sits on the border between Nagano and Gifu prefectures.

A search party from Gifu prefecture found a corpse near the mountain top on July 31. According to Gifu-ken, the corpse was found by tens of centimeters in the state which was buried in volcanic ash lied thick on the ground at the place behind a rock where it's about 500 meters from a crater of Nagano prefectural side.

Nagano prefectural police announced that the corpse revealed to be Inooka Tetsuya, a Deaf resident of Kai-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture as a result of the DNA examination on August 1. Tetsuya's family confirmed that his backpack and clothes.

Tetsuya climbed with and his Deaf wife Hiromi, and they were involved in an eruption. Hiromi's corpse was found in October, 2014, but Tetsuya was while being missing.

The search work was suspended on August 6.

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