Deaf man completes large-sized doll for local float festival

Matsue colors "Funabenkei," a doll
for Neputa carefully in his studio.

July 30, 2015

Goshogawara-shi, Aomori:

After graduating from the Prefecture Aomori School for the Deaf located in Japan's northern region, Matsue Hiromitsu, 25, a born-Deaf Goshogawara-shi resident, has been hired at a working support facilities in Tsugaru city as a cook.

As one of the three well-known summer local parades in the prefecture, an event with large Doll Float Festival called Neputa beyond 20 meters of height parades in Goshogawara-shi will be held on August 4-8. 

Matsue, being fond of Nebuta originally, made a mask for  Neputa by watching others since he was the fifth grader. Growing up as a Doll Nebuta Festival lover, he became a pupil of a professional maker when he was 19 years old. Ever since then he has made a medium-size doll for Neputa.

Beside of his work, Matsue completed a doll named "Funabenkei" sized five meters of width, five meters of height and 4.5 meters in depth this year. He said, "It's a hard work, but I won't give up making a doll for Neputa." 

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