Deaf high school baseball player visits France for documentary filming

August 24, 2015  
Tamada (right) enjoyed living with 
French people in sign language.

A documentary work related to a Japanese Deaf high school baseball player, Tamada Hiro, 17, was taken in France in August. 

A student of the Tokyo Metropolitan Omori High School in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Tamada enjoyed mingling with the French  willingly

In autumn of 2014, he met Fujiwara Aki, 36, a documentary work director residing in France. When she planned the work which would use sign language as a subject by taking place in Japan and France. She consulted the school for the deaf, "Meisei Gakuen," located at Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, and Tamada, an alumnus, was introduced to her.  

Before a voyage to France, Tamada explained, "I like communicating with people. I'd like to communicate with the French in sign language and gestures."

He visited France with Fujiwara on August 2 and spent ten days living with the Deaf youth in Poitiers, a city west from France.

Fujiwara looks back saying, "I think the clearest purpose of his travel was to see how a Deaf person lives in France. He may have learned the life-style was different between Japan and France." 

Two documentary works, a TV program and a movie, are to be produced. The TV program on a life of Tamada as a young baseball player will be aired in France by the end of October, and a documentary film on his stay in France will be completed within this year.

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