Training offered to learn how to communicate without using voice

July 20, 2015

Osaka-shi, Osaka:

Four men and women in twenties established the organization called "Silent Voice" in Osaka in February, 2014.

They're doing the training business called "The Deaf Communication Training" which aims at know-how of communication by the visual clues found in the Deaf that is possible to apply at a site such as an enterprise, a shop, school, medical treatment, etc.

A training participant is neither required to know the knowledge of sign language nor to learn sign language. Without using voice in the group unit, the participants use easy words, simple sentences or pictures to tell each other about a topic, such like a hobby, finally.

The participant experiences that a message isn't conveyed as intended easily, and learns to think what "true communication" means.

About 100 people including a group from a major company participated in the training up to now.

Representative Onaga Tomoya, 25, who is a hearing children having Deaf parents (CODA), explained, "It will be also the practice which one learns from an expression what a partner wants to tell, and explains immediately clearly." 

The training program is a principle for four hours and the charge depends on number of people. 

Official website (Japanese): 

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