Signature activity by Deaf group for "Sign Language Regulation" establishment

July 17, 2015
The Deaf persons and supporters appeal 
the signature for "Sign Language Regulation" 
in front of the Isahaya city office.

Isahaya-shi, Nagasaki:

The local Deaf group in Isahaya-shi in Kyushu, Japan's southern island, asking for establishment of a "Sign Language regulation," are working on signature activity in almost every part of the city. They have set a goal to collect signatures of about 5000 people before they submit it to the city council in September.

Ureshino city in Saga-ken has already established its Sign Language Regulation for the first time in Kyushu.
The sign language management committee, consisted of Deaf residents and interpreters, has taken the leading part and promoted the signature activity since April this year.

They are requesting specifically that; when examining a child with hearing loss at a hospital in the city, the doctor should give information to the parent about sign language; that interpreting should be provided on the local cable TV, etc.

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