Sign Language Regulation: Deaf federation protests against consideration of target expansion by Hokkaido Government

July 16, 2015


The Hokkaido Federation of the Deaf located in Japan's northern island has submitted a written protest to Governor Takahashi Harumi on July 14 concerning the contents of "Sign Language Regulation" aiming at establishment.

The Federation stated that the Governor's pledge violation was clear as the Hokkaido Government considers the regulation by covering all the communication methods for the persons with disabilities such as not only sign language but also note-taking, braille, etc. 

Governor had stated clearly in pledge of a gubernatorial election in April that Hokkaido shall admit sign language as a language and maintain the social environment where the Deaf/deaf persons live at ease by establishing a Sign Language Regulation (tentative name)."

The Federation explained at a press conference held on July 15, "An independent regulation for sign language is necessary for the purpose to remember the hard history that the Deaf community had suffered, not to fade it away." 

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