Sign language play based on Deaf A-bomb victims testifying

July 27, 2015

Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki:
The drama produced based on 
the collection of Deaf A-bomb victims' 
experience in Nagasaki.

The drama, "The Hot Summer, 1945," produced based on testimony of Deaf A-bomb victims in Nagasaki-shi, was performed in a hall in Nagasaki-shi on July 25. 

The actors, both Deaf and hearing, performed as if they lived strenuously with pain of a disability and aftereffects of bombing, through sign language, and about 900 people applauded.

Comments from the persons who watched the show:
"I belong to the generation who don't know a war, but I learned the situation that a Deaf person was put after the war, and knew a war and fearfulness of the atom bomb, also"

"I found out what the performers were telling me through sign language. I felt that a Deaf person might become easier to live when more persons using sign language increase even daily."

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