Project to promote sign language in service business starts

July 28, 2015  

Kyoto-shi, Kyoto:
Beauticians, playing as a receptionist or a 
customer, etc., practice service in sign language.

More than 400,000 Deaf/deaf people live in the whole country reportedly. There is a case that they are unable to make the sale staff understand what they want at a storefront, failing to get what they hope.  

The corporate social organization, "The Japan Sign Language Business Society" in Kyoto-shi is advancing a project to spread sign language among the shop assistants and others who offer service.

The first try was the spread of sign language to the entertainment business such as a beautician and a salesperson of a cellular phone, etc. for which a small dialogue is necessary with the Deaf customer.

A business sign language new course with charge was offered in a room in a building in Kyoto-shi on July 2. About 20 beauticians using sign language welcomed a Deaf person who acted a visitor, and tried to get request such as cuts or colorings while also using gestures, a conversation by means of writing and a picture.

When also acquiring sign language on the store side, there is a merit which leads to get new customers by word-of-mouth communication: A Deaf visitor comments, "They understand my sign language at that store." 

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