Policeman explains a cybercrime and preventive measures in sign language  

July 17, 2015  

Okazaki-shi, Aichi:

A policeman introduced the current state of the criminal damage and preventive measures in sign language for the purpose of having Deaf persons know about a vicious cybercrime widely, at the workshop held in Okazaki-shi.

The members the Prefecture Deaf Association, who participated in the unusual event, learned eagerly from the policeman fluent in sign language directly.

The Association chief director commented, "The presence of the policeman who understands a disability is encouraging."

The lecturer was Matsumoto Junpei, 33, the superintendent of  the prefecture police cybercrime technical measure division management government service who was transferred from the National Police Agency in Tokyo. 

Matsumoto used to visit the barbershop owned by a Deaf person seven years ago. As he wanted to communicate with the Deaf owner, he went to a sign language club to learn sign language.

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